Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bzzzzzz....This is the Sound of a Frying Brain....

Happy Sunday! A few updates from the land of Susannah...

* Allegiance, book four in the Penton Legacy series, has been turned in and I'm already in revisions this week with my fabulous developmental editor Melody Guy and acquisitions editor JoVon Sotak. I don't have a firm release date yet. It might be May but don't hold me to that. I hope to have a cover by early in the year.

Will this be the last Penton book? Probably not, although I had initially planned for it to be the end, and Allegiance definitely wraps up a chapter in the Penton story. Where a door closes, a window opens, however, and I discovered Aidan has plans I want to explore with him, maybe in novella form or maybe in a novel. This book won't leave you on a cliffhanger, though, so don't worry about that.

MORE NEWS. Susannahville has been busy!!

In December (not sure of exact date yet), look for a digital novelette called CHENOIRE to be released. Wait, you might say, I've read Chenoire. Well, you have and you haven't. The story was originally written in the Sentinels of New Orleans world but I've removed it from that world, given it from Suzanne to Susannah, and turned it into a standalone. Some of the basic storyline remains, but it's been expanded and peopled with different characters. So you'll be meeting Zack Prejean and Faith Garrity in the wilds of St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, toward the end of gator season. Stay tuned!

On December 24, look for the beginning of LOVELY, DARK AND DEEP as a Kindle serial. This is the first book in a new series called The Collectors, and should be available for preorder soon. I'll have more on how the serial will work when we get a little closer. Also hope to have a cover soon. (The image on this page isn't a cover--it's just a promo thing I did myself while procrastinating on some project or other.)

Finally, stay tuned for an announcement about Omega on Tuesday. It probably means more to me than to my readers, but it's still pretty cool. Tease!


  1. more Penton: excellent
    chenoire: really curious to see the difference^^
    next announcement: oh even more curious now!

    and teh serial ^^ i willl be waiting to hear more, this picture isn't the cover but it's still quite good^^ and i would have enjoyed it if it was the definitive cover ( perhaps just take the color a little lighter not to burn the eyes that we can't see the title;) )

    thank you a lot for keeping us updated but please take some times to rest too before you get a burn out

  2. Lots of excitement! Looking forward to these new projects!