Sunday, May 20, 2012

Meet the Vampires of the Penton Legacy

6-0 tall
Chestnut hair, usually worn in a tail
Pale blue eyes, lighten when hungry, agitated, or aroused (they're icier than usual these days
Turned vampire: 1601 during the Siege of Kinsale, Ireland. Human age 32.
Human occupation: Farmer
Hobbies: Grows night-blooming exotic flowers in a greenhouse; collects garden gnomes.
Marital Status: Widowed (yes, there's a story there)
Vampire occupation: Head of the large scathe of vampires and bonded humans in Penton, Alabama

Book One in the series, REDEMPTION, is Aidan's story. The countdown is on--release date is June 12!

6-8 tall
Black hair, worn short, VanDyke beard/moustache
"Thundercloud-gray" eyes, lighten to silver when hungry, agitated, or aroused
Turned vampire: Early 1600s. Human age 35.
Human occupation: Gallowglass, a Scottish-born mercenary warrior who worked and lived in Ireland. Think chain mail, helmets and really big battle-axes.
Hobbies: Is rebuilding a vintage Indian motorcycle; anything mechanical.
Marital status: Thinks he doesn't have time or suitable temperament for women
Vampire occupation: Worked as an executioner for the Vampire Tribunal for centuries, where he was known as the Slayer. Currently, head of security and second-in-command to Aidan Murphy in the Penton Scathe.
Book Two in the series, ABSOLUTION, is Mirren's story.

6-0 tall
Blond hair, worn in modern layered style; no facial hair
Brown eyes, turn silvery-taupe when hungry, agitated, or aroused
Turned vampire: About 1970, by his father. Human age: 22.
Human occupation: None. Will was a rich boy student without a lot of ambition
Hobbies: Computers, architectural design
Marital status: Happily single
Vampire occupation: In charge of All Things Tech for the Penton scathe; one of Aidan Murphy's lieutenants
Book Three in the series, OMEGA, is Will's story.


Hannah, aka Hvresse: Muscogee Creek girl turned vampire at age 11. Psychic, although she was turned before her powers were fully developed. A lieutenant of the Penton Scathe, primarily for her psychic abilities. She is not allowed to fight.

Lucy Sinclair: Turned vampire in the 1950s in Atlanta, Ga. Former lover of Aidan Murphy, she's still one of his lieutenants. Lucy is the scathe's best fighter beside Mirren.

Mark Calvert: Aidan Murphy's business manager. Mark is human, and handles the daytime business details of running the city.

Melissa Calvert. Aidan's Murphy's human familiar, aka fam. Wife of Mark Calvert.


  1. Your book sounds really awesome. I would love to read it.

    rachel at thejeepdiva dot com

  2. I just read the books. And I love this series. Too often series like this aren't well written, but the wording is good, the characters are interesting and the story line doesn't make me feel like I've read this book before. Can't wait for book 3.

  3. Thanks @KidKodak....I'm so glad you enjoyed the books! Will's story will be out on February 5 (and boy does he have some dark secrets!).

  4. Great series! Loved characters and storyline. Do you have plans for further books in this series?

    1. Thanks--so glad you enjoyed the books! I hope to put out a fourth book (with Cage as the central figure) in late summer. Stay tuned.... :-)

  5. Hi Susannah, love the books and can hardly wait for the 4th. On pins and needles. Any news when that will be?
    Thanks, Nancy

    1. Thanks, Nancy! Unfortunately, it won't be out until next spring because of my publisher's schedule. But I hope to do some shorts in the Penton world to tide everyone over until Deliverance (#4) is out! Deliverance will be Cage/Melissa/Mark story.
      Suzanne (Susannah)

  6. I just finished reading the 3 books. Loved all three as well as the world you created for them. I am excited to hear you will be telling Cage's story in the next book. Looking forward to it's release next spring..